Faqs | WW Realty Partners

  • 1. If I Still Have Financing on My Timeshare Can I Sell It?
    Yes, of course you CAN. Usually, what you owe is taken out of the buyer's purchase offer during the closing process.
  • 2. How Long Does it take to close a deal?
    It can take anywhere from 30 to 180 days to complete a timeshare closing from start to finish. However, each closing is different. A number of factors can impact the speed with which your closing will be processed including how quickly each party executes and meets all requirements during various stages throughout the closing.
  • 3. Do I Have To Pay For An Appraisal?
    It is not necessary for a property to undergo an appraisal by a licensed real estate broker. If you bought your timeshare from a developer, your property was never appraised. There is no reason to pay for an appraisal now.
  • 4. Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle the Timeshare Closing?
    No. As part of its full-service approach to the success of your sale, we are licensed and bonded with title companies that will charge far less than high-priced lawyers. For one affordable flat rate, we can handle the closing process from start to finish. The title work is attorney-reviewed and guaranteed to be free and clear.
  • 5. Should I Charge Rates?
    This is entirely up to you. WW Realty Partners Group allows owners to make a choice in accordance with either option. Most owners choose to pick a price point similar to their fees. That way, the renter is getting a great deal.
  • 6. Do I Need an Agreement?
    A contract is not required, but is highly recommended.
  • 7. How Do I Receive Offers?
    When an offer is made on your rental listing, it will be forwarded to you for your consideration. You can either accept the offer, or make a counter offer directly to the prospective renter. Note that this is only the case if you choose the for-rent-by-owner advertising package.